Meet Julia Wooster, Certified Hypnotist

Julia Wooster Certified Hypnotist

My name is Julia Wooster, and I’m a Certified Hypnotist in London, Ontario, Canada.

I became a hypnotist because, like you, I was a nail-biter, and hypnosis helped me overcome this habit. It inspired me to become a hypnotist to help other nail-biters become more confident. Because, let’s face it, nail biting is a confidence killer.

I took my initial training in 2013 and became a National Guild of Hypnotists member. Since then, I have constantly upgraded my skills to better serve clients like you. I love learning and finding new ways to help people.

I work out of my home office in London, Ontario, Canada and online using a platform that Cliniko created for health professionals and counsellors. I may use Zoom or Zoho Meet for consultations and group sessions, but not for one-on-one client work.

I have worked with clients worldwide, including Germany and the US, so no matter where you are, I can help you provided we can coordinate time zones, and you speak English.

I’m ready to speak with you if you are ready to overcome that nail-biting habit. Why not book a free consultation to discover if hypnosis is right for you? It could be the conversation that changes your life!

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