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You have arrived at this site because you have struggled for years to overcome that nail-biting habit and reached a point of frustration. I understand because I was there and understand the frustrations.

If you have found this site, you are probably fed up with some or all of the following:

  • Feeling embarrassed about having hands that you are ashamed of.
  • Lacking confidence in business situations, especially when handshakes are involved.
  • Feeling judged.
  • Dealing with sore, torn cuticles and nails bitten down to the quick.
  • Fearing getting sick because of your nail-biting habit.

You want to stop this behaviour, but you don’t know how. You have tried everything over the years. Well-meaning family members have attempted to assist you, but it is irritating and causes friction.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I know because I’ve been where you are!

My name is Julia Wooster, and I bit my nails for years. It was a constant frustration throughout my life – from my parents to my husband.

The thing is, I’m stubborn and the more someone tells me not to do something, the more I want to do it. Are you that way?

The thing is, no one can change anything unless they want to. And eventually, I reached the point where I had had enough and actively sought out a hypnotist who guided me in conquering this habit.

How hypnosis helps

I had a pretty strong nail biting habit. When I worked in the admin field, I could stop biting my nails when I wanted a new job – until I went through the interviewing and hiring process.

The reasons why you bite your nails are stored in your inner mind. Those reasons were put there years ago, maybe when you were young. And it’s a coping behaviour that has been programmed in. The inner mind doesn’t like to make changes, and when you decide to do something, there’s a check-in part of the mind that asks that inner mind if the change can be accepted. Because the inner mind doesn’t like to change, it thinks nail-biting behaviour somehow benefits you. Willpower alone isn’t enough to make the change.

In hypnosis, however, we bypass that check-in mechanism, and if you are 100% motivated to stop biting your nails, that programming can be changed, and you can stop biting your nails.

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Are you ready to stop nail biting?

Yes? Let’s do this! You’re three steps away from having hands that you won’t want to hide.

Step 1

Schedule Your Free Call.

Step 2

Change the inner programming that causes you to bite your nails.

Step 3

Then, enjoy your healthy nails and move forward with confidence.

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